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Friday Fermentation Fête with Sandor Katz

at Frog Belly Farms, 3-9pm Friday October 23rd, 2015
5255 Rogers Rd, Longmont, CO 80503

Join us for an evening of learning, sharing, eating, drinking and dancing.

General Admission to Event $10 Under 18 years free

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We will offer fermentation classes and workshops from 3-5. General Admission begins at 5pm and Sandor Katz will speak from 6-7:30 about his journey and experience with the fascinating world of fermentation.


    • 3-5pm Classes
    • 5pm Check in for Food Science Fair: submit your own home ferments to be judged by a distinguished panel of picklers and brewers.  Win great prizes.
    • 6-7:30pm Sandor will speak about his journey and experience with the fascinating world of fermentation.
    • 7:30- 9 pm Sample great local fermented treats, shop from specialized vendors, enjoy food trucks, drinks and live music.
    • 8pm Awards Ceremony!  More details for entries below.


    • Brigitte Mars, Herbalist, Raw Food Chef and Author, Boulder, CO 3-4pm
      Wildcraft your neighborhood.  Walk Frog Belly Farm with Boulder’s beloved herb maven and learn what to do with what is growing in your backyard.
    • Sandor Katz, Fermentation Revivalist, Foundation for Fermentation Fervor, Liberty, TN 3-4pm
      “Ask Sandor”, your agony aunt for the fermentation process.  A 1hr question and answer workshop with Sandor Katz.
    • Nick Van Horn, Chemical Engineer, Food Scientist, Boulder, CO 4-5pm
      Pepper Lactofermentation: This spicy workshop will cover the techniques, supplies, and considerations for making fermented pepper sauce and demonstrate a home scale process; samples included.
    • Dan Phelps, Homebrewer, Chef, Boulder, CO 4-5pm
      Discussion on the fermentation of beer with wild yeast and bacteria, and their resulting effect on flavor and aroma.
    • Ben Mustin, Founder, MM Local, Denver, CO 4-5pm
      Learn basic countertop sauerkraut fermentation, pro-tips for home success.

Food Science Fair Guidelines

Win a blue ribbon! Bring one 16oz container of your handiwork. If you would like to also submit a posterboard presentation of your techniques and pickling adventures it will be taken in to consideration and put on display during the fete, but is not compulsory for entry. There is no fee for entry. Entries must be received between 5 and 5:30pm for consideration. Judging and announcement of winners at 8pm.